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Friday, 17 June 2011 13:17

New Ford Focus

New Ford Focus

With the new Ford Focus you should be thinking less Mazda3 and more Audi A3.  Coming from Germany the new 5 star safety rated Ford, in a 2.0-litre turbo diesel model, will be a very powerful contender in the small car market.  Although its engineer, James Hughes, believes that "its dynamics, interior and wind noise are better than the A3" it will be up to you, the test driver, to decide just how superior the new model is to its counterpart.

The team at Ford have again applied their Kinetic design principals to created a work of beauty encompassing strength and power with fluid motion to create a vehicle which looks more like a caged animal than a car.   Stylish elongated bi-xenon headlamps, leather trim and a sports styled cockpit give the driver a sense of luxurious driving pleasure while still feeling they have the ability to take this on a rally track if the opportunity arose.

Some of the other additions in the new model include hill hold to eliminate roll back, a very generous 370 litres of cargo space and the ability to use basic unleaded petrol thus reducing the overall running cost of this vehicle.   Some of the most jaw dropping technology in this new car is in the WiFi hotspot 8-inch LCD interactive in-car video screen.  Not only is there the usual wide selection of music and entertainment functions but for the new Focus, Ford have taken navigation to a whole new dimension.  Capable of understanding over 10,000 voice commands the new system can recognise the instructions “I’m hungry” and will allow you to select which restaurant you would like it to guide you to.  To top it off though you can use the Bluetooth connectivity to order your meal on the way so it is ready when you arrive.  Just another smart move from Ford.

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